Introducing Viewable Exposure Time

Learn how to measure the total time your consumers spend with your brand in seconds & minutes not only across desktop, but also tablets, mobile devices & TVs.

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It's time to measure differently.

Viewable Exposure Time (VET) layers quality upon frequency. Traditional metrics are good, but can we do better? We’ve all endured the same struggles. We get it. CTR, VCR and CPA aren’t enough to evaluate your media investment alone. You need a way to measure whether time spent with your brand delivers ROI.
60 %
If you’re relying on only reach and frequency, you’re missing up to a 60% uptick in conversion rate that can be accessed only by adding VET.

Don't Just Count The Number Of Ads

By identifying your campaign’s optimal Viewable Exposure Time, Tapad’s analytics reveal the point of conversion at the lowest cost.

Build Audiences That Deliver ROI

Tapad delivers daily custom audience segments optimized to deliver your messages more efficiently, and also increase time spent with your brand among underexposed consumers.

Is a Minute of TV Equal to a Minute of Digital?

Not all impressions are created equal, so our focus is on seizing the most valuable impressions. More than just digital, Viewable Exposure Time identifies the optimal response rate and media mix for campaigns that span both TV and digital.