Tapad Announces Partnership with Twine Data

Today, Tapad and Twine announced a strategic partnership that brings Twine's portable CRM onboarding capabilities to Tapad's cross-device solutions. Through the integration of Tapad’s best in class cross-device capability and Twine’s deterministic identity graphTogether, this partnership will create one of the largest portable identity graph & CRM onboarding services in the U.S.

What does this mean exactly? Tapad will build a client's cross-device graph off of identities onboarded by Twine from a client's offline CRM. The resulting identity graph can either be delivered directly to brands looking to host their own identity graph, or can be leveraged in a managed fashion for marketers looking for simple connectivity of their offline CRM audiences to their DSPs. To date, Twine & Tapad have seen full connectivity rates* for CRM segments from advertisers at between 259 percent and 322 percent at major DSPs.

For more about the partnership, read the full press release here.

*Full Connectivity Rate is defined as {total unique desktop, laptop, and mobile devices active at DSP} / {unique CRM users in original audience post cleansing}. It represents the final match rate of the clean audience in CRM format to onboarded audience at a client’s DSP instance. This metric encompasses Twine’s onboarding & linkage validation and Tapad’s cross-device amplification.