Webinar: Cross-Screen 101 for Agencies

Delivering unified, cross-screen content has become an essential practice for marketers today. To give you the tools to run campaigns that drive results, Tapad recently hosted a webinar, “Cross-Screen 101 for Agencies.” This in-depth session provides an overview of how to best implement and understand marketing campaigns across all devices. It is co-presented by Datalogix VP of Mobile & Video John Dempsey and Tapad Media Business GM/VP Kate O’Loughlin.

About the webinar:

Implement, understand and measure cross-screen marketing campaigns, unified across devices.

About the presenters:

Kate O’Loughlin, GM/VP Media Business, Tapad

Kate oversees Tapad products that tell the story of device unification for agencies, advertisers and brands. She was formerly Product Director at MediaMath and a Lockheed Martin Senior Systems Engineer. BS in Systems Engineering from University of Virginia; MS in eBusiness Technology from Carnegie Mellon.

John Dempsey, VP Video and Mobile, Datalogix

At Datalogix, John works with leading players in the ad tech ecosystem to deliver high-performing digital audiences built from offline purchase behavior. He previously worked with addressable TV advertising company Visible World and started his career as a Business Analyst with McKinsey. John holds a degree in English from Princeton University.

Email info@tapad.com find out more about how Tapad is leading the market with cross-screen campaigns. To learn about Datalogix data-driven marketing that connects offline consumer spending with online advertising, visit www.datalogix.com or email info@datalogix.com.