What is Cross-Device?

Book of Cross-Device Data Terminology

It’s time to set the record straight. Are you misusing accuracy as precision? Do you ever wonder, what exactly is a related ID? Download the Cross-Device Data (not so) Big Book of Terms to fully understand the terminology we use for data integration. Have questions? Read more on our blog or connect with [...]

Webinar: Cross-Screen 101 for Agencies

Delivering unified, cross-screen content has become an essential practice for marketers today. To give you the tools to run campaigns that drive results, Tapad recently hosted a webinar, “Cross-Screen 101 for Agencies.” This in-depth session provides an overview of how to best implement and understand marketing campaigns across all devices. It is co-presented by Datalogix [...]

Measuring Cross-Device: The Methodology

As the first company to crack-the-code on cross-screen, Tapad Data Scientists are asked to explain the power of our cross-screen technology on a near-daily basis. This is their overview of our methodology and how we make it all work. Stating the obvious, the ultimate goals in digital marketing are to run campaigns that work — [...]