Tapad’s Cross-Device Data Now Integrated Into Oracle Data Cloud

NEW YORK, October 15, 2015 -- Tapad, a leader in unified, cross-screen marketing technology, today announced a deepened relationship with the Oracle Data Cloud through which Tapad will integrate its cross-device data across the Oracle ID Graph. Tapad’s proprietary, privacy-safe data will strengthen the Oracle ID Graph’s ability to connect the same users across the multiple devices they use. Through the Oracle ID Graph, marketers can extend their solutions to consumers’ mobile devices while measuring the real-world impact on offline sales.

“We’ve worked closely with Tapad for years through our prior relationships at Datalogix and BlueKai, and we’re delighted to extend that successful collaboration across the entire Oracle Data Cloud,” said Eric Roza, Senior Vice President of the Oracle Data Cloud. “Tapad’s cross-device data will help us further improve marketers’ ability to reach their target audiences – and measure the success of their campaigns – by using the Oracle ID Graph across tablets, phones, and other mobile devices.”

Prior to their acquisition by Oracle, BlueKai and Datalogix had established separate relationships with Tapad to integrate Tapad’s cross-device data. Through this enhanced relationship, the Oracle Data Cloud will leverage Tapad’s cross-device data throughout the Oracle ID Graph.

“Oracle has built one of the industry’s leading cloud data platforms,” said Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO, Tapad. “Having already worked with two of its core technology platforms -- BlueKai and Datalogix -- we look forward to deepening our relationship and further powering Oracle’s cross-device capabilities.”

Tapad’s technology, The Device Graph™, creates device connections using a proprietary, privacy-safe mix of probabilistic and deterministic data. With accuracy confirmed at 91.2% by Nielsen, this allows Tapad to provide audience connection insights across all screens, agnostic of timing, location or device type.

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