Tapad Reveals Leading-Edge Cross-Screen Research at Unify Tech ’14

 New Consumer Path-to-Purchase Proves that Not All Screens Are Created Equal

 NEW YORK, NY, April 29, 2014 (PR Newswire) – Tapad, the leader in unified cross-screen marketing technology, today unveiled findings from a commissioned study conducted on its behalf by Forrester Consulting on stage at Unify Tech ’14, Tapad’s inaugural cross-screen summit.

Forrester’s research revealed growing consumer demand for brand consistency across screens and provided direction for marketers seeking to leverage cross-device use throughout the path to purchase.

“With 70% of consumers now using three or more connected devices, cross-screen behavior presents a range of opportunities for marketers to optimize and unify their brand experiences,” said Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO of Tapad.


The Cross-Screen Path to Purchase

-       66% of consumers now discover new products or services through digital devices vs. offline channels

-       50% of purchases are made completely or partially online

-       44% of consumers who use a smartphone in the discovery phase say it’s because it was the device closest to them

New Expectations from Cross-Screen Consumers

-       71% of customers react negatively to inconsistencies in brand experience across devices; 1-in-10 state that inconsistencies will make them stop interacting with a brand altogether

-       28% of consumers expect ads to be tailored to different devices

-       21% of consumers expect sites to “know them across devices” when they enter the purchase path

Concluded Traasdahl, “Cross-screen behavior is driven by a number of factors, from convenience to usability. These findings reinforce the fact that marketers need to anticipate consumers’ multi-screen mindset by consistently delivering device and use-case appropriate experiences.”

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