NinthDecimal Announces Cross-Device Partnership With Tapad for Offline Attribution

NinthDecimal's LCI™ Will Leverage Tapad's Cross-Device Data to Provide Marketers With Campaign Measurement & Insights


NinthDecimal, the leading mobile audience intelligence company, today announced a partnership with Tapad, the leader in cross-device marketing technology. Through the partnership, NinthDecimal's LCI™ platform will leverage cross-device data from The Tapad Device Graph™ to extend offline attribution across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. LCI™ measures incremental lift of in-store visits resulting from marketing campaigns, and now brands can understand how their desktop marketing affect consumer behavior in the physical world. Already, over 15 cross-device campaigns with leading retailers have benefitted from the new NinthDecimal LCI offering.

"Marketers need to understand how effective their campaigns are across all devices," said Michael Fordyce, CEO of NinthDecimal. "Our Tapad partnership offers brands with a complete picture of campaign performance across all their digital advertising, and is the next step in extending NinthDecimal's LCI™ platform as the measurement standard for all types of media that include TV, OOH and direct mail."

"With the explosion of devices and content channels, truly understanding what's working is essential to getting the most value from marketing," said Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO, Tapad. "Combining cross-device insights with a leading measurement solution like NinthDecimal's LCI™ is a great example of the next-level, innovative solutions available for today's marketers."

Tapad's technology, The Device Graph™, creates device connections using a proprietary mix of probabilistic and deterministic data. With accuracy confirmed at 91.2% by Nielsen, this allows Tapad to provide audience connection insights across all screens, agnostic of timing, location or device type.

NinthDecimal's LCI™ platform is the industry leading offline attribution platform measuring incremental lift of foot traffic tied to a marketer's campaign ROI. With over 97 media publisher and ad network partners in our LCI™ Verified Partner Program, the partnership with Tapad further opens up the LCI platform to all online publishers and ad networks. LCI™ is utilized today by the industry's top brands, agencies, publishers and ad networks to measure offline attribution of marketing campaigns.

Read the full press release here.