Mediahub Signs Tapad as its Sole Cross-Device Marketing Technology Provider

-- Early Success Demonstrated with Cross-Screen Campaigns for VH1 and

National Geographic Channel --

NEW YORK, June 3, 2015 -- Today, Mediahub, a full-service media agency based in Boston, Los Angeles and Winston-Salem announced that Tapad will serve as its cross-device advertising technology partner. Mediahub will leverage Tapad's proprietary technology, The Device Graph™, which was confirmed to be 91.2% accurate by Nielsen.

"A cross-screen solution plays a vital role in our tech stack," said Laurel Boyd, VP, Group Digital Media Director at Mediahub. "It ensures that all of the effort we put into brand-building through high-impact creative reaches the right audience at the right time and in the right place. Tapad had the efficacy and scale we were looking for, making them the perfect partner."

Tapad's Device Graph identifies connections between related devices, resulting in a unified view of behaviors, interests, actions and ad experiences. Using Tapad's technology, Mediahub can deliver targeted, relevant campaigns to a single user across all of their internet-connected devices. Mediahub has already launched several successful campaigns with Tapad.

Following are examples of campaign results for VH1 and National Geographic Channel:

VH1 launched a video-only, cross-device campaign to promote awareness of their new reality show, Walk of Shame Shuttle. On a 1:1 basis for the individual, the campaign served media across multiple devices to a targeted audience of women age 18-24 that are interested in nightlife. Mediahub and Tapad achieved a video completion rate of 81% to drive successful brand awareness to audiences likely interested in the show's content.

National Geographic Channel launched a cross-device campaign to promote buzz and tune-in for the third season of their survival competition series Ultimate Survival Alaska. Utilizing sequential messaging through banner and video ads, the campaign served media to a custom-built audience based on demographics and TV viewing behavior. Campaign results showed a response rate lift of nearly 40% for users exposed to media on two or three devices.

"Agencies like Mediahub understand that reaching customers with the right message, regardless of what device they are on, is essential to getting the most value for their media buy," said Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO of Tapad. "This is a powerhouse shop and we are proud to be their sole cross-screen solution."

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