Beintoo Licenses The Tapad Device Graph™ For Holistic Cross-Device Customer View

-- Beintoo's BeAudience and BeAttribution Platforms to Leverage Tapad's Cross-Device Data For Audience Extension and Offline Attribution --


NEW YORK, Oct. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Beintoo, a geo-behavioral data company, today announced a partnership with Tapad, the leading provider of unified, cross-device marketing solutions. Through the partnership, Beintoo will license Tapad's privacy-safe, cross-device data for audience extension and offline attribution within their BeAudience and BeAttribution platforms.

"Our team has excelled in building proprietary audiences based on consumer's offline interests and intent," said Antonio Tomarchio, CEO of Beintoo. "With Tapad's accurate, scalable cross-device data, we can now provide clients with a holistic view into user behavior. The result is an increased return on their advertising spend and a complete view into the effectiveness of their campaigns."

Within the BeAudience platform, Beintoo will now be able to extend their proprietary geo–behavioral data, based on people's offline interests & intent from mobile, to consumer's other related devices. Beintoo clients will benefit from a view of consumers across mobile phones, tablets, desktops and connected TVs, allowing for cross-device retargeting within partner platforms.

Within the BeAttribution platform, Beintoo will leverage Tapad's cross-device data to provide offline attribution analysis. With a cross-device view, Beintoo clients will benefit from measurement insights on the impact each digital touchpoint has on driving store visitation.

"By extending their view of consumers across devices, Beintoo is answering a crucial marketing need," added Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO of Tapad. "We look forward to empowering their team to provide clients with the reach and insights needed for holistic, unified marketing strategies."

Tapad's Device Graph, which operates the longest-running cross-device algorithm in the market today, interprets trillions of data points every month to determine if different devices are related (i.e., owned by the same person). The solution uses a combined data approach, leveraging both probabilistic and deterministic data modeling. Nielsen recently confirmed Tapad's cross-device accuracy to be 91.2%. With 650% more scale than any other independently verified company, Tapad achieves both meaningful scale and accuracy in a privacy-safe setting.

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