Apsalar and Tapad Partner to Help Brands Understand and Action Cross-Device Customer Behavior

Apsalar Clients to Unite Customer Signals From Mobile Apps and Other Digital Channels Into 360° Consumer Profiles for Audience Insights, Segmentation and Cross-Device Marketing

Apsalar, a global leader in mobile data management and app measurement, today announced a partnership with Tapad, the leader in unified cross-device marketing technology. The agreement fosters Apsalar ability to unite in-app and other digital customer behavior data as part of its mobile data management platform (DMP) offering.

Apsalar has long been a global leader in the mobile app attribution and tracking space.  The company has recently debuted comprehensive mobile DMP services, which use mobile advertising IDs as the foundation for rich customer profiles. The Apsalar Mobile DMP will now leverage Tapad’s large and growing device graph to unite cookie-based PC- and mobile-web data with mobile app customer behavior data.

“Apsalar is focused on empowering marketers to control and fully leverage their first-party data to drive extraordinary marketing effectiveness,” said Michael Oiknine, Cofounder and CEO of Apsalar. “Cross-device matching is a critical component of this mission and we are pleased to partner with cross-device matching leader Tapad to help fulfill that essential mission.”

Tapad’s Device Graph, which operates the longest-running cross-device algorithm in the market today, interprets trillions of data points every month to determine if different devices are related (i.e., owned by the same person). The solution uses a combined data approach, leveraging both probabilistic and deterministic data modeling. Nielsen recently confirmed Tapad’s cross-device accuracy to be 91.2%. With 650% more scale than any other independently verified company, Tapad achieves both meaningful scale and accuracy in a privacy-safe setting.

“Apsalar’s ability to deliver rich in-app behavior and insights brings an increasingly important set of customer signals to clients focused on data-driven, customer-centric marketing,” said Are Traasdahl, Tapad Founder and CEO. “We look forward to the opportunity to work with Apsalar as they help clients take ownership of their customer data and derive maximum value from it.”

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