Data Magnified Roadshow - NYC (March 2), Chicago (March 8), San Francisco (April 5) and Los Angeles (April 7)

Tapad is excited to join industry leaders at Data Magnified to discuss personalization, data challenges & opportunities, orchestration across channels and devices and shifts in consumer behaviors & the customer journey. 

Data is infiltrating media and marketing and is presenting new possibilities to relate to people. Every click, like, search, follow and purchase, reveals more about your customer and their individual story. Today, the issue is no longer about having enough data, but rather about how to get the most out of it so that tech platforms and the insights produced can give marketers a real business advantage.  With more sophisticated ways to capture and use data, are we actually becoming more knowledgeable about our customers, or are we just using this information to fit people into segmented groups, and still stuck with automated mass communications? The next wave of data and technology is forcing companies to prioritize data and change the way they communicate with people.

When & Where:

NYC 3/2

Chicago 3/8

San Francisco 4/5

Los Angeles 4/7

Social Media

Get involved in the conversation! Twitter handle for the event is @MagneticIs with the hashtag #DataMagnified