Tapad Engineering Welcomes New Head of Data Science, Media Engineering Manager

This fall, we are excited to welcome two new members of the Tapad engineering team: Igor Elbert, Head of Data Science, and Boris Mizhen, Engineering Manager for Tapad’s Media Optimization team. With these two hires, Tapad bolsters its already impressive roster of engineering talent! Take a minute and get to know more about our new teammates:


Igor Elbert, Head of Data Science

Igor brings over 25+ years of experience in software development, data analysis, and data science at financial, supply chain, and consumer-oriented companies. He joins us from Gilt.com, where he led data science initiatives and strategy for 3.5 years as a distinguished data scientists. Igor brings a wealth of experience in transforming companies through the effective use of data and, at Tapad, he will be leading the data science team to accomplish this both internally and for our customers. Igor has also been featured as a speaker at notable industry events, such as New York's DataGotham conference. See more of Igor's work here and in our press release). 


Boris Mizhen, Engineering Manager, Media Optimization

Boris joins Tapad from Hyperscience, where he led several Agile teams while also building products that leverage machine learning capabilities. Prior to that, Boris spent eight years at Google where he conceived, designed and developed several products such as Google Checkout and Google Wallet. He also has experience building high performance distributed systems in Java, and is passionate about Functional Programming in Scala and Clojure. At Tapad, Boris will be managing the team responsible for the algorithms that optimize the performance of our clients’ advertising campaigns.

If you are interested in working alongside Igor, Boris as well as our ever-growing and talented engineering team, check out our current job openings here!