Scala Bug Bash - Unfiltered Edition

Two weeks ago, we kicked off a new meetup called the Scala Bug Bash. The purpose is to focus the energy of Scala developers in the NYC area to help out open source projects. In our first meetup, we did the following in just a few hours:

Issues closed / patches accepted:

  1. Parquet support for Scalding
  2. Basic Auth improvements for unfiltered
  3. Catch rejected executions in netty if server is shutting down
  4. Decoding of URL segments Path
  5. Add request headerNames iterator

Pending patches:

  1. Faster cookie handling in unfiltered
  2. Fix multiple close issue in unfiltered netty

Big thanks to everyone who came and contributed.

We’re hosting the next bug bash on Tuesday, February 18 in the Tapad office. Hope to see you there!