New Posts on Tapad's Medium Blog!

This summer, we've been quite busy posting on the new Tapad Engineering blog. From sbt plugins to Scala Days, here are some of the articles you may have missed:

  • An excercise in sbt plugin development, by Jeff Olchovy -- Exploring how plugin authors can best leverage sbt, giter8, scripted, sbt-doge, and sbt-release. 

  • Scala Days Copenhagen 2017: What We Learned, by Stig Henriksen, Marvin Ma, and Toby Matejovsky -- From new Scala compilers to metaprogramming, this post covers our main takeaways from Scala Days Copenhagen. 

  • Meet Our Summer '17 Interns, by Tapad Engineering -- Introducing the four talented interns who joined us this summer to build their skills across data science and engineering.

  • Type Casting Without Typecasting, by Mindy Carpenter -- Our summary of this month’s ScalaBridge event — a great introduction to the language and learning opportunity!

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