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Using Submodules for Shared Code

Our UI team is constantly juggling projects — both new and existing — and how we handle shared dependencies between these projects is critical to keeping up the pace of our development. The go-to solution for handling these dependencies? Submodules. Here’s why: Intro to Submodules Git submodules are repositories embedded in other repositories. Say you [...]

From Wall Street to Silicon Alley: Why I Joined Tapad

Pål Høye, SVP of Engineering at Tapad; Tapad's NYC headquarters Last year I started a new chapter of my career. I left Goldman Sachs, a globally renowned investment bank with an annual technology budget of several billion dollars, to join Tapad, a startup that had just been acquired and that’s reputation was largely confined [...]

Tapad Engineering: Our Predictions for 2017

2016 was a busy year for us engineers at Tapad. We supported the launch of TV analytics as well as a brand new metric (VET), opened a data center in Singapore, and continue to improve our global real-time bidding system, which handles over a million queries per second with 99% being under 10 milliseconds [...]

VET: Why It Matters and the Science Behind It

For the past twenty years, traditional electronic media has used frequency of exposure (i.e. impression count) as the metric to measure performance. However, times are changing and it’s become evident that this metric simply isn’t enough to measure the effectiveness of online media. This is why, at Tapad, we are proposing and offering an improved [...]
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