Why Interning at Tapad Was The Best Decision for My Career

Tapad has hired eight people as full time employees from our internship program since it began in 2014. Our culture of fostering young talent through internship experience is part of what makes our workforce so formidable. In this Internship Spotlight, we interviewed former intern Alexa Lihan to learn more about how her experiences as an intern set her up for full-time success.

I began my career at Tapad as an intern for the Sales Development & Strategy team, where I also currently resume a full-time role. While I was still in college, I had completed a few internships in other industries prior to Tapad. Since my sister works in the digital media industry, she was the inspiration  for me to look into an internship in digital media.

Why should someone choose Tapad for their internship experience?

My internship at Tapad gave me the most meaningful and valuable experience by far. I was amazed that the work I was given so closely aligned with my team's day-to-day responsibilities - I was more of a team member than an intern. Everything I worked on was supervised and reviewed, but the fact that I was trusted to help out with the team's daily workload was extremely rewarding and gave me so much confidence. Tapad doesn’t provide interns with grunt work or projects just for the sake of keeping you busy throughout the day; the work you're given actually impacts the team and company as a whole and you're able to see that.

Tapad prides itself on its work culture and I definitely can't deny it. Anytime I told my friends about the work environment at Tapad they were in awe that I got to work at such a "cool" place and I constantly get asked, "Can I have your job?” The snacks, unlimited PTO, breakfasts, game room, lounge areas, etc. are great.. Every employee is approachable and eager to help you out, even though you may be "just an intern" you're treated the same as a full-time employee. Aside from the day-to-day intern responsibilities, there are some incredibly knowledgeable people at Tapad, and there is a tremendous amount to learn just from simply talking to people who work here.

I think the most valuable part of my internship was the weekly breakfast meetings. Once a week the interns were scheduled a breakfast meeting with a team leader to learn more about that person’s daily tasks, background, etc. I think the informality of it was the best part - there wasn't an exact structure or agenda and it made for a constructive open forum and conversation between the interns and the team leads.  Talking to these successful individuals make you realize that you just might end up in a completely different direction than you thought and that's perfectly fine. I also got to network and build relationships during these meetings, which made full-time employment easier.

How has your internship experience set you up for success as a college graduate?

ACTUAL work experience that will propel you into your first job. You're already ahead of the game when you have meaningful projects under your belt. This will really set you apart and look more appealing to hiring managers.

For students who are debating accepting an internship at Tapad, what would you tell them in order to persuade them to accept?

Well I have yet to hear about an internship experience that even SORT OF stacks up to being as cool-and-fun-while-still-working-hard-great-time as mine was with Tapad... And it’s been almost two years since I was an intern. So. Yeah. Still waiting.

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