Unifying Big Data in Automotive

Cars aren’t bought online. They’re haggled over at dealerships. That’s the thing about evaluating your next car; it’s never easy, and that feeling of complexity is too often shared by marketers at auto manufacturers. Marketers want the best deal just like us. They don’t want the process to drone or forever or to overpay. So how do we make this easier on both parties? In-market consumers have, on average, 4.5 connected devices, so marketers need cross-device strategies that unify tiers, and enable them to find who matters.

On Wednesday, October 26, Tapad's GM of Media, Kate O'Loughlin will speak at the JD Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable about unifying big data across channels. We know that having a potential consumer find the nearest dealer or schedule a test drive is just the beginning of the transaction. Consumers who engaged with your brand across multiple screens are 46% more likely to act. Winning strategies in a cross-device world mean being in the right place, at the right time, at every decision point, to ensure cars are driven off your lot.

So how do you do it? You need a unified view of your customer that’s focused on making 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data actionable cross-device. Programmatically marketing to consumers between tiers breaks down when identity management falters. Tapad’s Real-Time Device Graph™ connects relevant devices to consumers to seamlessly usher them through their cross-tier buying process, and offers you the opportunity to marry your brand and performance marketing goals.

We know it’s about more than test drives. Tapad Offline allows you to report on which prospective consumers drove off your lot. Detailed reporting will highlight your best performing DMAs, creative, incremental visitors, target audiences and much more. Cross-screen marketing works. A leading auto manufacturer saw a 61% increase in purchases when exposing their audiences across two or more devices.

Cars aren’t bought online, but that’s exactly where consideration starts. It’s imperative to surround your consumers with increasingly relevant marketing regardless of tier and device. Start putting more people behind the wheel with Tapad Auto and Offline.

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