Uncovering Digital Video Advertising and Brand Safety

By: Paul Sluberski, VP of Video & CPG

Nowhere does the issue of brand safety come up more in our industry than in discussions of the future of video advertising. From the threats posed to marketers by user-generated content (UGC) to the importance of providing superior consumer experiences to our ideal audiences, Tapad will be exploring these issues and more in a video-focused blog series.

Tapad is proud to offer safe and transparent environments for mobile, desktop and cTV video advertising. We help our clients manage both reach and frequency across every screen with a rich, engaging video experience all while taking into account brand safety, transparency and analytics. Here’s a breakdown of how our brand safe video campaigns are set up, monitored, and optimized:

  • Brand Safety: Our integrations with MRC-accredited viewability and brand safe technologies, IAS, Moat and DV ensure the protection of your brand reputation and integrity, measuring viewability, preventing fraud and ensuring that your campaign runs to brand safe websites.

  • Transparent Publisher and App Site Lists: Video ads will run in protected brand-safe environments on audited, transparent publisher and app site-lists. UGC can be removed from the list to ensure even higher safety.

  • In-Depth Cross-Screen Analytics: We provide clients with a holistic view of their video performance. Clients are able to access detailed data about reach and frequency, device overlap, response rate, pathing, and audience composition.

  • Unified View of Your Customers: Clients can reach highly-engaged consumers, across every device. Transacting on a Cost Per Completed View (CPCV) with viewability metrics allows for true cross-screen frequency reporting.

It’s important to note that in order for video advertising to become even safer for brands, there will need to be more controls in place on UGC platforms. Lots of brands want their name featured on UGC content. Who doesn’t like videos of dogs on skateboards? Coca-Cola loved it when the video about putting Mentos into their soda went viral. So no one is against UGC, but there needs to be better controls in place. We want to know that videos tagged with “dog” and “skateboard” are actually showing the content indicated in their tags. Tapad offers site and app lists, but the industry needs even better controls, as well as human auditing, in order to provide the safety brands need to feel comfortable continuing to advertise in these spaces.

Interested in exploring your brand’s options in video advertising? Contact Paul Sluberski, Tapad's VP of Video and CPG, at pauls@tapad.com.