Throtle Partners with Tapad to Expand Audience Precision

Today, we are excited to announce Tapad's partnership with leading data onboarding company, Throtle. Throtle will be leveraging the Tapad Device Graph™ to enhance their best-in-class onboarding capabilities. In addition, this partnership will enable Throtle to offer true cross-device identity management and identity resolution services to accompany its robust onboarding solutions.

To date, the Tapad Device Graph™ has connected 61 percent of Throtle IDs to related ones in the graph, with an average amplification rate of 475 percent for Throtle’s IDs, or 4.8 new IDs per each of Throtle’s. Throtle has also seen its overall match rates involving Tapad’s identity insights rise an average of 15 percent since the inception of the partnership. More specifically, Tapad’s mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) have increased Throtle’s in-app identity inventory by 35 percent.

According to Throtle CEO, Paul Chachko: "“Tapad has proven to be a trusted source for cross-device matching and has a tremendous reputation in the advertising and marketing technology industries for delivering superior precision and scale with the utmost dedication to privacy. Since we first began our test phase, and continuing through to this day, Tapad has met and exceeded our expectations for what a partner should be.”

You can find the full press release here

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