Tapad's Thinking of A Cross-Device Master Plan At Bi-Annual Hacakthon

Nothing gets the Tapad Engineering team more inspired than a hackathon. The two-day, all-hands-on-deck affair breeds ingenious fixes and features that make our business run smoother, our clients happier, our jobs easier - and most of them, in ways we never see.Hackathons are typically fueled by culinary delights such as Red Bull, Dough doughnuts, Swedish Fish and Tappo Pizza. They culminate in presentations, prizes and hacker pride at a job well done.

We spoke to the team about the projects they focused on during our second 2015 hackathon.

One developer worked on improving ad optimization using multi-armed bandits. To accomplish this, Evan Casey prototyped a online learning algorithm that learns which creatives are performing better in a campaign and serves those more frequently, in addition to exploring other options.Data Scientist, Yael Elmatad, worked on porting our connected component algorithm into a scalding implementation so we could do connected component analysis at scale.Another engineer built a small web application to show how much disk we use to support our multiple hadoop clusters in the hadoop distributed file system (hdfs). "As we generate lots of events and write them to hdfs we have to clean old and unneeded files often. Also our beloved data scientists need to run their experiments that generate tons of data. This small application runs on our internal servers and shows it all in one place!" exclaimed hacker, Oleksii Iepishkin.

We look forward to seeing what our team @TapadEng cooks up for our next hackathon. Got a tedious, manual process that eats hours of your precious time, week-after-week? A seemingly insurmountable scaling issue? A dream of multiple product features unified and automated? Bring it on in 2016.

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