Tapad: Who We Are and Where We’re Going

Today, Tapad debuts its brand new look. This means new logos, a new website (as you probably have noticed), and a brand new mission — to reinvent personalization for the modern marketer.

Why the change? We’re glad you asked. Think of it this way… The free content internet users enjoy today is paid for by advertising. However, people are increasingly frustrated with the lack of relevancy, while marketers are increasingly frustrated by the lack of efficiency. There is a need for a fundamental fix to preserve an open, free internet.  

We’re making it our mission to fix this problem by reinventing the way marketers personalize and deliver content to consumers. Advertising relies on connecting brands with people, and Tapad is committed to building solutions that enable personalized marketing at scale enabling brands to connect with real people in a way that is more relevant, and ultimately save the open and free internet we know today.  

As we begin to hone in on personalization, we have also renamed our renowned device graph as the Tapad Graph to recognize this tool goes beyond device information and offers meaningful consumer insights to marketers. Advertisers need efficiency and consumers expect relevant ads that also respect their privacy. With The Tapad Graph, you can unify the customers’ need to stay anonymous with the marketers’ need to personalize.

Our rebrand also coincides with the launch of our brand new product — The Tapad CDP, a platform purpose-built to help marketers better connect and engage with both new and existing customers. The new offering, which makes marketers’ first-party data actionable against The Tapad Graph, is today initially being launched to the telecommunications industry.

For more information, check out the press release here. Also stay tuned with our CDP blog post later today for more details about the new product!