Tapad+Visual IQ Drive 45% Sales Increase for The Media Kitchen & Windstream

Cross-Device Data + Fractional Attribution = Advertising Efficiency

Historically, attribution in our device-proliferated world has been challenging, if not impossible, for marketers. As lower funnel tactics and focus on the wrong platforms eroded advertising effectiveness for some brands, there were organizations attempting to find a better way.

This is why Tapad partnered with Visual IQ; we both shared the vision of creating a more accurate picture of the effect each advertising channel and platform have on consumer conversion. By integrating Tapad’s Device Graph Access™ data solution into their IQ Envoy™ platform, Visual IQ can now help clients gain a more comprehensive insight into each customer touchpoint and better allocate advertising spend across devices.

Windstream, a participating customer via The Media Kitchen, increased sales volume by 45% while reducing cost per sale by 31%. Not only that, conversions and cost per acquisition with mobile (+70%) and paid search advertising (+28%) were vastly improved over previous optimizations. The results in the downloadable case study below speak for themselves - Tapad helps advertisers do what they do best, only better.

Want to improve your advertising effectiveness with deep insight into how customers interact with communications across channels and devices? Connect with Tapad’s Data team to leverage Visual IQ’s cross-device attribution with The Device Graph™ today.