Tapad Vertical Video Turns Creative on its Head

Would you sit through a movie if the theater projected it upside down? Though most videos are still shot in widescreen format, 94% of consumers don't hold their phones horizontally. Consumers only want to engage with videos that are delivered appropriately, regardless of the device, reflective of how its held. 

Tapad can create fun and engaging vertical video experiences for consumers and apply it to an effective cross-screen strategy. We can convert widescreen video into vertical at no additional cost, as well as help customize any interactive brand element to motivate consumers to take action. 

Recently, Acura ran a successful campaign which featured our vertical video services. Of the dynamic format, Acura said "through various high impact, immersive opportunities, such as Tapad's mobile vertical video...users can actually learn more about and engage with the TLX. Acura will have the ability to not only prioritize messaging based on consumers' interests and needs, but also connect with them in an entirely new way."

"Adding extra customized Rich Media formats to a campaign's creative mix helps drive different KPIs," says David Sanderson, Tapad's VP of Creative Strategy & Operations. "Acura understands that using different creative levers like vertical video ultimately drives higher performance. Smart cross-device planning and execution means understanding not just what audiences want and where they want it, but how they want to view it. It's not enough to just run a cross-device campaign. Brands like Acura see the most success when they consider the user experience, tailoring their creative in ways that reflect the distinct functional differences between devices."

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