Tapad Summer Learning Sessions: How to Keep Your Company Engaged Globally and Cross-Functionally

By Alena Pollitt, Preethy Vaidyanathan

Last week, we had a hugely successful two-day Summer Learning Experience at our New York office. While we’ve had our usual sales conferences and ops trainings before, this event was unique in that we had everyone from our domestic offices together at headquarters. Monday afternoon and all of Tuesday were packed with educational sessions, workshops, panels, food and fun!

There were so many people involved in helping make this event great and we’re grateful for the help we got in generating and presenting our content. Here are a few of the goals we kept in mind while planning that helped create an awesome environment to learn and re-energize our teams:

Get all teams and business units learning, working, and celebrating together in the same place.

Unlike other department-specific trainings and events, this was the first time this year we had everyone present and we wanted to take advantage of it. There are plenty of challenges to having a varied audience of 100+ people, but our ultimate goal was to ensure everyone was able to hear and learn the same things together and be able to ask questions and hear the perspective of others on different teams. To take it one step further, we held workshops with randomly assigned teams that allowed for some cross-pollination of different perspectives.

Provide exposure and stage time for all business units and functional teams.

Over the course of the two days, we gave the floor to speakers from nearly every team and function at Tapad. This meant everyone got to learn something new about a different area of the company. We felt it was particularly important to shine a light on the recent wins from our outer offices and some team members we don’t typically get to have speak to us in person. This truly seemed to help everyone learn from others experiences and be able to bring those learnings back to their own work.

Get some perspective from customers and industry thought-leaders.

We hosted an exciting customer panel with various backgrounds and discussed the importance of identity and being a true partner to your customer. The panelists provided unique and valuable insights that we will incorporate into our future strategies. Read more about it here.

Don’t forget to celebrate!

It’s important to take some time to reflect on the awesome work we’ve all done. At the end of Day 1, we hosted an in-office “Tap-In” happy hour for teams to drink and mingle with their colleagues from all over the country. And then, after a full day of content on Day 2, we had our Annual Summer Party at Midtown Loft & Terrace!

At Tapad, we prioritize providing opportunities for our employees to learn and connect across business units. This is just one of many sessions we provide to help foster that collaboration, and look forward to sharing more thoughts from future Tapad events!