Tapad Releases New Whitepaper: Why VET Matters and the Science Behind It


At Tapad’s 2016 Unify Tech conference, we unveiled a brand new metric that provides marketers with advanced insight into consumer engagement across screens -- Viewable Exposure Time™ (VET).

Since then, we’ve seen that VET is far more impactful than traditional metrics. For example, in our research we found that adding VET can lead to a 60% uptick in conversation rate. This is because VET tells brands whether time spent with their content delivers ROI, and how to optimize based on that information.

To explain how exactly VET works and why these results matter, Tapad today unveiled a new whitepaper. This whitepaper not only explains what VET is and why it’s important to marketers today, but -- for the curious data scientists you may know -- it also dives into the science behind it and how we can prove its effectiveness.

Download the whitepaper here, and if you’re interested in learning more about VET, contact us here!