Tapad Presents: The Perks of Cross-Device Programmatic Buying for CPG Marketers

By Paul Sluberski, VP - Engagement & Innovation at Tapad (@slubs) – Buying toothpaste isn’t as easy as driving to my nearest pharmacy and finding the right aisle. Whether consciously or subconsciously, I’m evaluating several toothpastes at once, trying to find the best fit. Do I want Colgate Total Advanced Whitening or Deep Clean? But what about Crest 3D White? This is the intersection you face each day as a CPG marketer. It’s a series of moments that you have to be there to win. Regardless of device or channel, you need to be there to influence these decisions.

While it may be hard to stand out amid a cluttered store aisle, true cross-device programmatic offers an efficient way to stay top of mind with consumers long before they set foot in a store. Consumers today are enabled by the internet to research what’s best for them, so why not be there at every turn? 55% of your potential customers prefer to research products across not only their laptops, but also their tablet and phone before they purchase, eMarketer reports. That number is only going to increase, so let’s capitalize.

The programmatic mistake most marketers make is taking a device strategy, not a consumer strategy, when it comes to engaging with audiences across devices. It’s about more than shifting digital traffic from channel to channel. Per eMarketer, 71% of consumers react negatively to brands who do not offer cohesive journeys across screens. When it comes to programmatic, it’s about painting an accurate picture of your customer. You need to enlighten and inspire your consumers whether it be a mobile banner or a pre-roll video.

So how do you get started? Most DSPs offer cross device targeting at the household level, but that’s not enough. Household targeting results in wasted impressions and inaccurate frequency caps. When aisles are cluttered, you need to be efficient.

The Tapad Device Graph™ accurately outlines the device profile of users – not households – to uncover more devices per consumer in order to surround with increasingly relevant marketing in real time. Equipped with a 360-degree view of your customer, Tapad enables you to surround consumers with increasingly relevant marketing at every decision point. This increased scale, coupled with granular accuracy, provides you the ability to not only know to serve my wife a Diet Coke rich media expandable on her tablet, but to also serve me a Coke ZERO pre-roll. It’s this information that helps you identify and implement optimal cross-device marketing to build loyal customers.

Unifying people and devices fulfills the true programmatic promise. It’s the key to your marketing efforts delighting your desired consumers down the purchase funnel from awareness through to conversion. Smarter cross-device marketing starts with Tapad. It’s also the key to ensuring I get the right toothpaste to prevent tooth decay from the soda I drink.

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