Tapad Named One of Entrepreneur's Best Entrepreneurial Companies In America

Tapad is honored to be recognized as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur360™ Performance Index, a study delivering comprehensive analysis of private US companies. Based on the study forged by Entrepreneur, Tapad is recognized as a company that exemplifies growth, not just in top and bottom line, but in sustainability and ability to achieve lasting success.

Entrepreneur examined hundreds of businesses and came away with six archetypal sets of practices and characteristics representative of today's fastest growing companies: Best Practicers, Data Champions, Controllers, Classics, Forward Thinkers and Contrarians.

In the piece, Tapad is honored under Best Practicers, a category where,

"The conventional wisdom isn’t always right, but in the case of management best practices, it seems spot on. The formula isn’t a secret: Pursue aggressive growth; lavish care and attention on employees; set up nimble and broad-based decision-making processes; embrace change and disruption; stay on top of data; and communicate with customers and suppliers."

It’s a huge honor for us to be included alongside 66 other innovative 'Best Practicers' in America – including our partner Accordant Media. Big thanks to our customers, investors and clients who all contributed to our success.Follow us on Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn and check out our careers page for open positions.