Tapad in the News: Thought Leadership to Prepare for the Holidays

In case you missed it, Tapad’s own Preethy Vaidyanathan, CPO, and David Sanderson, VP of Creative Strategy and Operations, have been making regular appearances in business and industry press, sharing both product and creative strategies to get you ahead of the game this holiday season. We captured some highlights below, but didn’t want to spoil too much, so be sure to check out the full articles here (for Preethy’s) and here (for David’s).

Forbes: Giving Brands The Gift Of Conversion This Holiday Season

  • Preethy dives into some key strategies and takeaways that will help you navigate the tricky holiday campaign season, including: how to leverage tactics like sequential messaging, understanding today’s tricky cross-device consumer, and how milestones from the rest of the year can clue you into consumers’ holiday behavior.

  • “It’s September, the sun is still shining, and it’s hard to believe that in just a short time we’re likely to see the first holiday commercials pop up on our screens. But will we be surprised? After all, new research (registration required) suggests many of us are already thinking about the holidays right now…I encourage marketers to reevaluate their approach if it doesn’t include a long-term, personalized, holistic strategy. These key elements drive an impactful campaign, ultimately increasing a brand’s bottom line.”

SmartBrief: Extend back-to-school creative through to the holidays

  • Before marketers jump head first into holidays, there is a lot we can learn from back-to-school campaigns that wrap up just before. David is Tapad’s creative mastermind, and shares his knowledge in this piece of back-to-school takeaways for the holidays, such as: how to think cross-functionally about digital advertising, being strategically creative (not just visually), and understanding your audience’s nuances for more customized campaigns.

  • “As the advertising industry continues to evolve, marketers are realizing the key to differentiation and consumer engagement ties back to creative as the main focus. That being said, creative ad formats will evolve at a rapid pace to keep up with ever-changing consumer behavior.”

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