Tapad Customer Panel: Accelerating Innovation

By Jeff Kelosky, Regional Vice President of Sales and Head of Automotive, Tapad


From left to right: Chris Kane, Founder of Jounce Media; Sam Simoneaux, Associate Media Director at Good Apple; Jackie Mattina, VP of Data and Analysis at Digitas; Kathleen Comer, VP of Client Services at The Trade Desk; Justin Webster, Media Supervisor at M&C SAATCHI Mobile; and myself.

At Tapad, we recently had the pleasure of hosting a customer panel featuring: Jackie Mattina, VP Data and Analysis at Digitas; Sam Simoneaux, Associate Media Director at Good Apple; Chris Kane, Founder of Jounce Media; Justin Webster, Media Supervisor at M&C SAATCHI Mobile; and Kathleen Comer, VP of Client Services at The Trade Desk. The panelists discussed how to “Accelerate Innovation” in the industry and their respective opinions.

We covered a lot of ground in the hour-long panel, which I had the pleasure of moderating, and there is much more to learn from these thought leaders. However, for the sake of brevity, we compiled what we found to be the most common themes throughout the conversation:

“Measurement is only possible if you have a good handle on consumer identity”
We couldn’t agree more with Chris (Jounce Media) on this point, and his fellow panelists were on board with this, too. There was widespread agreement that one of the main business challenges companies face is how to successfully measure what’s working and what’s not. If you do not fully understand who your consumers are and what is meaningful to them, then it will be impossible to know if your content is actually affecting them. Per Jackie (Digitas), providers should be asking, “what kind of measurement can I do above and beyond exposure to know how much I’m resonating with the consumer base?”

One way to solve for this is to make sure marketers are accounting for what’s happening in both the digital and physical world. For example, Justin (M&C SAATCHI) described a situation for auto clients where marketers need to look at interactions holistically across media investment, including TV, digital, online to offline, etc. Kathleen (The Trade Desk) also noted that the digital and physical landscapes are still fragmented in many ways, so cross-device identification is especially important in understanding the user journey and grabbing incremental reach. Overall, we are getting the sense that agencies are very much invested in cross-device identity and its ability to provide meaningful metrics, but providers need to be clear about how they are solving for that fragmentation and come forward with measurements that are relevant to the target audience and have actionable outputs.

“TV is one of the biggest and ripest opportunities right now”
Kathleen noted that the vast majority of homes today have connected TVs in them, making them a huge opportunity for cross-device identification leaders. Sam (Good Apple) added that this is especially important for an industry like pharmaceuticals. The patient journey can be a long one, so knowing how TV spots impact digital and vice versa, over what could be months from viewing to filling a prescription, is especially important and can’t be siloed.

TV is also a fragmented space, per Chris, as there are TV manufacturers, set-top box manufacturers, cable providers and connected apps, etc. all operating separately. Because of this fragmentation, there is no clear cut solution for bridging the gap between TV and digital in the blind spots with identification. This is an opportunity for identification management companies like Tapad to step in and own a unified TV+digital approach. In fact, Tapad has been on the forefront of innovation for TV solutions.

The bottom line is that everything can come back to identification. When you know you have a strong core solution that gives you a holistic look at your customer base, you can start to build out more informed plans across each tier of your media strategy and execute the right plans for the right audience.

We want to extend a huge “thank you” to all of the participants for such an informative panel. For more information about Tapad and our solutions that help address many of the challenges noted in the panel, visit: www.tapad.com.