Tapad Cross-Device Data Powers Oracle ID Graph

This has been a year of significant growth for our data licensing business. We’re now working with ~50 of the top players in marketing technology, up 5X from the start of the year.

Today, we announce the next in this long line of strategic partnerships-- Oracle will leverage Tapad’s industry-leading, cross-device data within The Oracle Data and Marketing Cloud. With Tapad’s combined data approach, we’re able to provide partners like Oracle with an open, scalable and accurate solution -- ideal for external platform integration.


Here’s how AdExchanger framed it:

Tapad’s ID Graph uses a core of deterministic truth data to train its algorithm, thereby producing more and more accurate cross-device matches over time based on behavioral data. Oracle will integrate Tapad’s data into its own ID Graph as part of what Oracle Data Cloud SVP and GM Omar Tawakol termed a “vast effort to help marketers defragment their databases.”

The new solution follows several tier-1 acquisitions by Oracle, including two longtime, deeply respected partners of Tapad, Datalogix and BlueKai. As you likely well know, their innovative solutions have been integral to the evolution of our industry.

You can read the full press release here.

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