Tapad & Carat North Help ASDA Score 59% Conversion Rate in UK’s First In-Store Cross-Device Campaign

In partnership with Team Tapad, Carat North launched the UK’s most comprehensive cross-screen, football campaign on behalf of ASDA, a leading grocery retailer. The goal? Drive ASDA in-store visits through cross-device digital media shown to the right fan, on the right screen, at the right time. Today we announce the results of the match-up. 

The Big Win

So how did the cross-device ads score with fans? For starters, the digital campaign demonstrated a lift of 59% for in-store visits when users were exposed to ads on three devices over people who were shown an ad only one screen.The real kicker? Those who engaged with the ad were also 411% more likely to visit an ASDA store. Of the football fans who were exposed, 248% were more likely to visit an ASDA store. Furthermore, impressions served to mobile devices saw the highest success rate and scored an in-store visit lift of 67%. 

The Game Plan

The campaign leveraged Tapad’s proprietary technology, The Device Graph™, to serve ads sequentially on connected devices belonging to the same user. With Tapad’s cross-device marketing technology, coupled with location-based audience data from Statiq, this marks the first time a UK company measured the impact of unified, cross-screen campaign on in-store visits. They were able to calculate the physical visits to retail locations that were a direct result of digital ad exposure, as well as glean relevant ASDA-shopper insights and behaviors.For the unprecedented cross-device campaign, Carat North served rich media and video to grocery shoppers for several months in 2015. Tapad utilized Statiq’s audience data to measure which users visited a store after being exposed* to ads on multiple device. Read the full press release for more. Think you would benefit from teaming up with Tapad to deliver unified cross-screen campaigns with compelling, device-optimized creative? Kick us an email at info@tapad.com.  

*Tapad utilized Statiq’s audience data to measure which users visited a store during, or within one month of, being exposed to the campaign’s ad on multiple device.