Tapad and The Trade Desk See Ongoing Momentum in Longstanding Partnership

Tapad is excited to share a few highlights of our ongoing partnership with The Trade Desk, a global technology platform for buyers of advertising.

We have been providing cross-device segments from our groundbreaking Tapad Device GraphTM through The Trade Desk’s platform. As a result of this partnership, seven major private and independent holding companies now apply our data to their campaigns, in addition to more than 1,500 unique brands.

Tapad asked David Danziger, VP of Data Partnerships for The Trade Desk, about the benefits of the partnership. David noted that "we are pleased to offer our clients access to Tapad’s device graph. Their cross-device identification capabilities have been a powerful addition to our omnichannel platform."

“This integration is a shining example of the amplifying effect of two of the best platforms working together,” said Chris Feo, SVP of Global Partnerships at Tapad. "Clients leveraging Tapad's Device Graph in The Trade Desk platform have the potential to see higher returns and reach with access to substantial cross-device data, as well as a very effective media platform." 

For more information on the terms of Tapad's integration with The Trade Desk, read the press release in its entirety here.