Tapad and Sizmek Announce Global Partnership

Today, Tapad announced its new global partnership with Sizmek, the largest independent buy-side advertising platform delivering impressions that inspire. Sizmek's adoption of industry-leading AI and machine learning serves as a strong complement to the Tapad Device Graph™, so it's suffice to say that we are excited about this partnership — but we shouldn't be the only ones. In fact, there are several reasons why brands and marketers should be equally as optimistic: 

  • AI + cross-device capabilities: By integrating the Tapad Device Graph™, Sizmek will enhance its AI-powered predictive capabilities to deliver accurate, cross-device messaging at global scale and in a privacy-safe environment. For digital advertising, this means improved efficiency along with more precise matching of people and devices. 
  • Global privacy and scale: Sizmek’s customers will have access to Tapad’s globally compliant and privacy-safe datasets across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. With deeper knowledge of consumer preferences, purchase intent and conversion behaviors, they will be able to enhance advertising strategies including cross-device audience identification and more.
  • Stronger together: Companies like Tapad and Telenor, as well as Rocket Fuel and Sizmek, are joining forces to adopt technologies that are most accurate at reaching consumers at scale in a personalized and non-intrusive way. Through the combination of Tapad and Sizmek’s offerings, global marketers have access to exceptional resources in order to lead a more cost effective and results-driven campaign.

For more information about the partnership, read the full press release, here