Spooking Out on Some Scary TV

We’re now a week out and the office is buzzing with Halloween plans. The party-set working out irony-laden costumes, parents taking their kids trick-or-treating and lots of folks staying home to spook out on some scary shows.

So who is watching what, come Hallow’s eve? We knocked on the data-science team’s door and here’s what they gave us -- some sweet, sweet data, analyzing a week’s worth of TV viewership within The Tapad Device Graph™. Check out the table below.

In column 1, you see a selection of scary TV shows and films watched in the last week. In column 2, you see the content that was most often watched by the same audience.

  • Some of the comparisons make perfect sense -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans also dig The Dead Files…
  • Some of the comparisons are more startling -- fans of the movie Sinister are also big fans of Tosh.O.  Wah?

Let me introduce you to two marketers who know how to manifest meaningful results from these learnings:

  • Marketer 1 wants to show his brand message to as many people as possible -- not caring about how many times a single person sees their ad. Marketer 1 can now remove shows he knows the same audience is watching, resulting in saved money to be reallocated to new shows for greater reach.
  • Marketer 2 wants to show her brand message to a limited audience, but as many times as possible. With the data below, Marketer 2 has insights into all the other content being watched by her original audience. Now she can target those same people as they watch two different pieces of content, resulting in higher frequencies for the same audience.

In pumpkin terms -- it’s about removing the guts. Digging deep and really understanding who your audience is and the best ways to light them up. Interested in learning more? Connect with us at info@tapad.com.

Happy Halloween!