Signal Partnership Expands Customer Reach Across Devices

Today we announced our partnership with Signal, the global leader in connecting brands to their customers at scale. This global integration extends device connectivity for Signal’s clients across North America, APAC, and EMEA by leveraging our proprietary Tapad Device GraphTM.

By combining Signal’s customer connection scale with our device scale, Signal is able to expand the reach of addressable media channels and enhance customer journey insights across touchpoints. In fact, we were able to drive incremental device connections for more than 65 percent of Signal’s customer profiles, linking an average of 6.8 browsers and devices per customer. With this combined data set, Signal clients can expand their authenticated view of a customer to all associated devices and realize more strategic insights into their high-value users.

The partnership also allows Signal’s clients to integrate in real-time with our media platform, Unify. This proprietary technology enables advertisers to make real-time activation and buying decisions with maximum scale, as well as automated reporting and measurement.

For more information, see the full release here.