Scale and Precision Series

Unifying consumer engagements across screens isn’t easy. Even with a bevy of first-party data, found it difficult to link anonymous site visitors and behaviors together as consumers bounced between IP addresses, across devices.

Our anonymized user data is fractured — we can see the conversions happening and what device they happen on, but there are a lot of journeys that don’t seem to convert and make it appear like we’re wasting our marketing budget when we know that’s not the case.” --Helene Cameron-Heslop // Director, Marketing Analytics // Hotwire

Beyond looking for connections between themselves and a cross-device partner, also wanted to solve for incremental matches beyond their own data. They turned to Tapad to deliver probabilistic accuracy and scale to complement their deterministic marketing strategy. In evaluating probabilistic cross-device vendors, expected to have to compromise on scale or accuracy.

“We knew that by taking this outside of just our own logged-in user data, we would probably have to make a compromise on accuracy if we wanted scale, or compromise scale if we wanted accuracy, especially considering how much we think about privacy.” --Helene Cameron-Heslop // Director, Marketing Analytics // Hotwire

Three vendors’ cross-device attribution measurement solutions were vetted over the course of three months across desktop, mobile web, tablet web, iOS and Android apps. To verify, measured each vendor against their overall data set, which included logged-in customers and browser fingerprinting as well as their competitors’ solutions in the bakeoff.


Tapad delivered 2x the precision and 3x the scale compared to the closest cross-device competitor.

  • 100% Higher Recall
  • 53% Higher North American Market Coverage

  • 47% More Incremental Matches

  • 101% Higher F Score

“We were surprised to find a complete package, but the Tapad Device Graph™ won out on scale, accuracy and privacy; making our choice of partners very clear.” --Helene Cameron-Heslop // Director, Marketing Analytics // Hotwire

Next Steps

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