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One Team One Dream

Auric Adames, Director, Customer Support, gives us some insight into Tapad’s Softball Intramural team. What sport do you lead?Tapad United Softball Where do you play?Most games take place in Central Park, with some in Queens and Brooklyn. Who do you play against?We play in a competitive, co-ed, friendly environment against other New York companies. How [...]

Tapad Vertical Video Turns Creative on its Head

Would you sit through a movie if the theater projected it upside down? Though most videos are still shot in widescreen format, 94% of consumers don't hold their phones horizontally. Consumers only want to engage with videos that are delivered appropriately, regardless of the device, reflective of how its held. Tapad can create fun and [...]

Tapad Appoints Lauren Laitman as SVP of People

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Lauren Laitman as Tapad's SVP of People. Lauren brings more than 15 years of experience in human resources to Tapad. In this newly created role, Lauren will oversee our recruitment and overall people operations while enhancing and evolving Tapad's approach to employee lifecycle management, from career development [...]

Best in the Field

Ready, set, goal! From day one, Tapad’s motto has been, “work smart, play hard.” In this new series, we uncover the ‘play hard’ aspect of our company’s mantra. We interviewed Andy Shafer, analyst, and Tapad United’s team captain. What sport do you lead? Tapad United! Futbol (soccer) Where do you play? Bushwick Inlet Park in [...]

Beyond the Scrum: 3 Lessons in Ad Tech I Learned from Playing Rugby

Tapad's Three Things I Learned series is back with again. Our Director of Platform Solutions, Maurice Barron, shared his thoughts on what he learned from playing rugby that applies to his life in ad tech. Lessons like team unity, the importance of adaptability, and the ability to lean in to chaos are all valuable tools [...]

Why Interning at Tapad Was The Best Decision for My Career

Tapad has hired eight people as full time employees from our internship program since it began in 2014. Our culture of fostering young talent through internship experience is part of what makes our workforce so formidable. In this Internship Spotlight, we interviewed former intern Alexa Lihan to learn more about how her experiences as an [...]

Scale and Precision Series

Unifying consumer engagements across screens isn’t easy. Even with a bevy of first-party data, found it difficult to link anonymous site visitors and behaviors together as consumers bounced between IP addresses, across devices. Our anonymized user data is fractured — we can see the conversions happening and what device they happen on, but there [...]

Why the Timing of Digital Browsing Behavior Matters

The data science team here at Tapad is constantly working to identify patterns among past converters (converters being people who have taken a desired digital action, e.g. clicking a specific link or button on a client’s website). Part of this research has been around the timing and frequency of website visits, where we learned the [...]

Uncovering Digital Video Advertising and Brand Safety

By: Paul Sluberski, VP of Video & CPGNowhere does the issue of brand safety come up more in our industry than in discussions of the future of video advertising. From the threats posed to marketers by user-generated content (UGC) to the importance of providing superior consumer experiences to our ideal audiences, Tapad will be exploring [...]