One Team One Dream

Auric Adames, Director, Customer Support, gives us some insight into Tapad’s Softball Intramural team.

What sport do you lead?
Tapad United Softball

Where do you play?
Most games take place in Central Park, with some in Queens and Brooklyn.

Who do you play against?
We play in a competitive, co-ed, friendly environment against other New York companies.

How often does your team practice?
4-5 field and batting cage sessions in the pre-season. Practices are also held before almost every game. We play 11 games in the season, which runs from April through July.

How often are games played?
Once per week.

How many members are on each team?
36 signed up this year!

Do all of your teammates work at Tapad?
No, eleven are external (AKA 'ringers').

Are games competitive or played simply for fun?
We play in a competitive, divisional league. People can follow our progress and standings here (See 'Tapad' under "DIVISION: 3- Ty Cobb")

What does the team do after a game?
Win or lose, we gather around for drinks and finger food in order to reflect on the game and enjoy ourselves.

How do company intramural activities impact team morale?
This is a great team-building exercise. People usually look forward to game day. This sport in particular requires and promotes laser-focus and a great deal of team effort and collaboration. People also feel great in general after being physically active while having fun.

Were you ever a team captain growing up?
Yes. Growing up in the Dominican Republic where baseball is a more of a religion that it is a sport, it was common to organize pick-up games with friends both on the street and in organized little league baseball.

Who are your favorite professional sports teams?
My team? The Mets. Team members also like Yankees, Cubs and Royals, among others.

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