Nielsen Confirms Tapad Cross-Device Accuracy at 91.2%

91.2 percent: That is the device connection accuracy within the Tapad Device Graph, according to Nielsen, a leading information and measurement company.  Earlier this year, we commissioned them to make an independent assessment of a sample of our data set. Today, they confirmed the results. After reviewing and analyzing a portion of Tapad data, they concluded that 91.2 percent of the time, we accurately identified related devices. 

Why Does 91.2% Matter?

Being the first to crack-the-code on cross-screen technology (2010), Tapad has systems in place to ingest trillions of data points, all blind to PII.  These are used to build our Device Graph, comprised of billions of connected devices. Our tried-and-true algorithms have since been making accurate connections and driving results for more than 200 of the leading brands, as well as the largest trading desks and publishers.

These companies call on Tapad because they want to move beyond the walled gardens of other ecosystems.  In today's always-on, always-engaged world, lack of predictable cross-device connections can be a serious barrier to success for marketers and content providers.

We now know that Tapad’s Device Graph delivers unified, cross-screen connections with a high degree of accuracy. 

How Nielsen Analyzed Our Device Graph:

  • We shared a statistically valid portion of our "scalablistic" Device Graph data with Nielsen.
  • Then, they matched our predictions with a third-party panel, where they captured panelist data and device IDs.
  • Nielsen’s team of in-house data scientists analyzed the data for two weeks, comparing Tapad’s prediction with the panel as a truth set, to determine the Tapad Device Graph accuracy for this sample.
  • They found, as you by now know, device connection accuracy of 91.2 percent for this sample set. This means that whenever our Device Graph indicated a relationship between two or more devices, it was accurate 91.2 percent of the time.


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