New Video Series! Introducing Tapad’s Tech On Tap

There’s a lot of great resources out there for learning the very overused and very confusing jargon of advertising technology. A couple of our favorites are Digiday’s WTF Ad Tech articles and AdAge’s Explain it Like I’m Eight videos.

Even with these great resources, there’s a lot of confusion about the terms we use on a daily basis. In an attempt to simplify the slippery jargon slope, today we launch a new video series: Tech on Tap.

Each week we’ll post a new video with Tapad pros explaining ad tech terms in 30-seconds or less (while drinking their favorite beverage, of course).

First up, Vivian Chang, head of data licensing, explains attribution.

Watch the video below and make sure to subscribe to our channel for upcoming videos! If you’re hungry for more and can’t wait on the next video, check out our ad tech glossary. 

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