Miley Cyrus Helps Tapad Creative Team & MTV Win Big On Small Screens

Tapad is proud to announce that we have been named a 2015 MarCom Gold Award winner. Tapad's Creative Services team and MTV are honored for "Orientation Responsive Interactive Video" in the entertainment vertical. The MarCom Awards – one of the largest global competitions of its kind – honor creatives involved in the concept, writing and design of print, visual, audio and web materials and programs.

The campaign, which focused on awareness and engagement KPIs surrounding MTV's 2015 Video Music Awards, demonstrates how video can and should be experienced on mobile devices. The orientation responsiveness of the campaign allows users to watch full screen video content in either portrait or landscape mode. Our Creative crew utilized this technology and made it into an interactive video experience to create awareness, drive engagement, and ultimately brand lift. Here's how they came in like a cross-device wrecking ball.

Optimize Orientation

For the most part, video advertising shown on interactive devices utilizes the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. But most people using a smartphone begin their video ad experience in portrait mode, resulting in a less than ideal video viewing situation.

Get Responsive

To create the best ad experience possible, Tapad's Creative team came up with a dynamic and responsive interactive video ad unit that serves the appropriate video in real-time across our DSP. Our single-tag ad detects the viewers phone orientation and then formats a device-appropriate full screen video interactive ad experience, eliminating the need for the user to rotate their phone to watch the full-screen unit.

Know Your Audience

Had the Creative team stuck to the traditional model of just serving a landscape video – as most advertisers still do – Tapad wouldn’t have served the correct video to ¾ of the audience. Now that's nothing to stick your tongue out about.

Leverage Tapad's Unified Solutions

Tapad is the first to market this type of responsive interactive video using real-time-bidding (RTB) across a demand side platform (DSP). With orientation responsive videos, Tapad can detect how the user is holding their phone and serve the most appropriate interactive video ad experience to best accommodate the viewer. We can lend the same creative expertise to your next cross-device campaign. In the words of Miley, "We can't stop. We won't stop."

Want to learn more about how Tapad's Creative team helped Miley Cyrus ride a cat to VMA glory gold? Watch the case study video below.  

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