Kate O'Loughlin Speaks on Columbia University Panel

On April 7, 2017 SVP/GM Media Business, Kate O’Loughlin, joined six other panelists to talk Adtech and Advertising at MBA Media & Entertainment Conference hosted by Columbia University. Alongside Kate included Christina Blankenship, Manager Paid Media/Vayner Media; Elise James-Decruise, VP, New Marketing Institute/Media Math; Joe Zito, VP/GM, Retail and Dining, Oracle Data Cloud Emry Downinghall, VP of Advertising, StudyBreak Media, Chegg; and Seckin Ozdamar, Engagement Director, App Nexus.

During the panel session, panelists discussed current trends and challenges in adtech. One hot topic was brand-safety. The issue arises, according to Kate O’Loughlin, when “companies tend to be too opaque. Brands want to transact in a more open environment.” When asked by an audience member “How do you stay up to speed in this environment (adtech) that’s moving so fast?”, panelist Elise James-Decruise stressed “Never lose sight of what the consumer would want at the end of the day.” Remaining open-minded was also reinforced to the audience by panelist members. In an ever-changing ecosystem like ad tech it is important to be creative and consider the undiscovered.


From left to right: Christina Blankenship, Paid Media Manager at Vayner Media; Emry Downinghall, VP of Advertising at StudyBreak Media, Chegg; Ridhi Malhotra, VP of Analytics at Zenith Media; Elise James-Decurise, VP of New Marketing Institute at Media Math; Joe Zico, VP/GM Retail and Dining, Oracle Data Cloud; Kate O'Loughlin, SVP/GM Media Business at Tapad; Seckin Ozdamar, App Engagement Director at App Nexus 

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