Introducing the Tapad Customer Data Platform

While many marketers have their own rich data, they often lack visibility beyond their existing customer base to personalize their content for new prospects. Today, we are excited to announce a new product that solves for this challenge by providing marketers with unparalleled identity insights from the Tapad Graph ecosystem — The Tapad Customer Data Platform (CDP).

What is the Tapad CDP?
Initially available to global telco customers, the Tapad CDP is purpose-built to offer telco marketers a privacy-safe platform to combine first and third-party data and build high-performing segments for channel activation.

How does it do this?
The Tapad CDP onboards a marketer’s first party data and enriches it with fresh customer insights and prospects from the Tapad Graph. This extends the marketer’s reach across existing customers and lets them scale to new prospects. In addition, by enabling marketers to couple first-party data with new consumer insights from Tapad, such as demographics, interests, behaviors, lifestyle, etc., marketers can: 

  • Project their customer data onto prospects to enable personalization at scale
  • Create working predictive models to increase ARPU, reduce churn, etc.
  • Build high-performing segments for acquisition, cross-sell, upsell, churn prevention, and many more use cases
  • Increase the size and revenue of their customer base

Does it actually work?
Glad you asked. Tapad's parent company, Telenor, has provided a critical testbed for the Tapad CDP solution as several Telenor subsidiaries across the globe have used the platform to achieve previously unattainable results. For example, a Nordic subsidiary used the Tapad CDP to maximize new customer acquisition and achieve 34 percent lower cost per acquisition (CPA). Telenor subsidiaries in southeast Asia realized similar success, with one subsidiary achieving 75 percent lower CPA and another achieving 7.7x ROI.

Where can I learn more?
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