In the News: Tapad and Freckle IoT Partnership

Today, Tapad announced a strategic partnership with Freckle IoT, the global leader in multi-touch, offline attribution. Freckle IoT will be leveraging the Tapad Device Graph™ to supplement the company’s data set to offer brands more granular attribution data. So why is this important? 

  • First, it's an important step in empowering brands with the information they need to better understand how digital media, consumed across multiple devices, is impacting offline attribution. This is especially critical as consumers' online behavior is becoming increasingly complex (just consider the fact that 35 percent of consumers convert on a device different from the one on which they started their research).
  • In addition, Tapad’s technology will extend Freckle’s data-set by allowing brands to access additional deterministic and probabilistic data, at scale and across all devices, to analyze consumer behavior ahead of in-store purchase.
  • In the words of Tapad's SVP of strategy and global partnerships, Chris Feo: “Freckle IoT is a valuable partner for Tapad as our cross-channel attribution capabilities continue to expand at global scale. Marketers today need a tool that can address the online and offline disconnect throughout the consumer journey. Freckle’s IoT innovations combined with the Tapad Device Graph help address this need by providing brands, across multiple verticals, accurate and precise identity-driven data powered by true consumer behavior — online and offline.”

For more about the partnership, view the full press release here