How Tapad and Autotrader Help Automakers Achieve Higher Performance and Reach New Cross-Device Audiences

Today, Tapad is excited to announce its partnership with Autotrader, and share how the partnership is helping drive awareness and maximize both reach and delivery across screens. 

Together, Tapad and Autotrader have helped automotive brands create cross-device pre-roll video strategies that ensure they are discovering only new consumers across all of their devices. As a result, we have discovered a new potential audience of more than 14 million consumers, eliminated communication waste and the risk of duplicates, increased overall performance, and ensured more of their campaign dollars reached meaningful audiences. 

According to Autotrader's product manager, Lynne Green: 

“We really enjoy working with the team at Tapad to help execute our Audience Extension campaigns. Their ability to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry, as well as their dependable customer service has allowed us to confidently deliver against our unique in-market automotive audience and provide our clients ongoing messaging opportunities to our audience beyond”

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