How One Vacuum Manufacturer Cleaned Up By Reaching Pet Owners

Pet owners know: hairballs come with the cuddles. Cleaning it all up can be problematic for a great vacuum and impossible for a good one. So when an innovative designer built a specialty cleaner for sucking up pet hair, company executives knew getting the word out would be crucial and hired Tapad to lead a cross-device awareness campaign.

Using the unique Tapad Device GraphTM technology for reaching and analyzing the behavior of consumers across every device and touchpoint, the company introduced a display advertising campaign to reach likely buyers at moments of maximum interest.

Dozens of factors were considered as the company leveraged Tapad’s tech to sift through the company’s history of web visits to identify customers who’d browsed the site in the recent past and would therefore be more likely to try the new vacuum. Additionally, third-party data was added to the mix to expand their reach and include consumers with similar characteristics as their customers.  This allowed them to identify prospects who hadn’t been visitors but who might have similar needs to those who had. 

The reality is that selling new and innovative products is tough, and trying to do it without first knowing what audience is most likely to be interested can be a barrier to success. This is where Tapad comes in -- The Device GraphTM levels the playing field by introducing breakthrough products to the right people, at the right time, in the right context.

In this case, Tapad did more than find clients for the new pet hair vacuum. Over just three months, the company saw a lift of 500%+ in response rate when consumers were exposed to the ad on three screens. Moreover, those who engaged with messages on three screens were six times more likely to respond.

Call it a clean sweep of an addressable market that—months prior—company executives couldn’t fully define.

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