Getting to Know Our New CEO: Sigvart Voss Eriksen

Today, Tapad announced that Sigvart Voss Eriksen will be taking the reins as the company’s new CEO. Are Traasdahl will be shifting to a more consultative position as chairman emeritus, and is as excited as we are for Sigvart to join the team. To kick off Sigvart’s tenure here at Tapad, we asked him a few questions to get to know him a little better:

What are you looking forward to most about leading Tapad?

I’ve been an admirer of Tapad for a long time! Even before its acquisition by Telenor, where I served for more than 10 years. Tapad has always been inventive, bold and cutting-edge in its technology and products, and I am very much looking forward to leading the strong group of people who have made the company this way. The company is also expanding globally, and having worked across the globe in a variety of roles, I am eager to help the company more fully realize its international value.

Now that you will be in New York City for the long-term, what are your thoughts about living here?

New York City is already feeling like home. My family and I have settled in the Upper West Side and are excited to explore this neighborhood and make the most of our time here. We have already found some great local spots, including the various playgrounds in Central Park, Coney Island and the many and varied restaurants that NYC offers.

From Pakistan, India, Hungary, Thailand and Norway, you’ve lived in a lot of countries! What are some things you learned about living and working abroad?

All countries are different, but I have found people to share a lot of the same core values. I enjoy working with curious people with drive and passion and somehow I have found and worked with great teams everywhere I have been. My family and myself enjoy diversity and, as curious human beings, we’ve found every place to be unique and exciting.

Prior to assuming this position, you were already working closely with the Tapad team. What are some things you’ve observed about the company and its people?

Everyone at Tapad embraces a strong entrepreneurial spirit -- it’s very motivating. Since day one with the team, I have noticed it to be a truly unique and diverse group of individuals who work hard, encourage each other to be better, and who are always thinking at least two steps ahead. Tapad employees are both innovative and resilient. It’s truly no wonder the company has grown to be the success that is today.

Last but not least -- out of all of the great food we have here at Tapad -- what is your favorite?  

Swedish fish!