Evaluating Cross-Screen Self-Service Platforms

Not all Self-Service DSPs are created equal. Like evaluating your next TV, you start researching things like 4K vs. 1080p or LED vs. LCD. All the while forgetting why you started the exercise in the first place - all you truly wanted was a better picture, right? Evaluating your DSP of choice is often a similar premise. You start with a checklist, but you’re forgetting the bigger picture - you need a DSP that puts the customer in the center of your campaign. You need an inherently cross-screen DSP, not multi-channel (which is a whole different thing, read more HERE).

Unify, Tapad’s proprietary Self-Service DSP, delivers on the promise of cross-screen engagement. Complete with an easy-to-navigate UI and robust cross-screen reach, traders are empowered to execute all campaigns at scale, with demonstrable performance. Blending third-party data with Tapad’s real-time Device GraphTM scales the number of devices and opportunities for your brands to engage with consumers. Consumers demand relevancy, and their content consumption and device usage warrant a unified, cross-screen approach.

Equally important, Tapad Self-Service gives marketers the reporting tools to prove the efficacy of digital performance. Our reporting makes the complex simple. By leveraging Unify cross-channel performance reports are consolidated in one place, and clients are empowered to build customized reporting, tailored to their business. Need to understand how exposing consumers to messages across two or more screens drastically increases lift? We got you. Curious to know which device leads to the most conversion? Our Cross-Device Pathing and Performance reporting will unlock key insights to move the needle for marketers.

Unlike that TV, we don’t just ship you a box with directions. Tapad Self-Service is backed by a team of experienced cross-device professionals who will get you up and running in under two hours. They don’t stop there. They’re available to provide best practices and weekly optimization recommendations so you get the most out of your Cross-Screen DSP of choice.

Maybe, like your old TV, it’s time to rethink your DSP and tune-in to what you were looking for in the first place - to put the consumer in the center of your digital marketing.