eMarketer Features Tapad Thought Leadership

Preethy Vaidyanathan, CPO of Tapad, oversees our thriving product portfolio across the business. She is a trusted thought leader, serving on the Forbes Agency Council and providing commentary to notable trade outlets. Most recently, for eMarketer’s "Storytelling in Sequence” report.

eMarketer’s recent report covered an industry topic we have been hearing a lot about -- sequential storytelling. At Tapad, we have been using sequential storytelling with a number of campaigns to help brands engage in a thoughtful and creative way with their customers, so we were happy to chime in and provide our thoughts on the topic!

Preethy provided eMarketer with the example of a movie release campaign we release ran. To quote eMarketer:

"The blurred lines between ads and content, especially due to the importance of paid placements for disseminating marketing content, mean they are frequently both part of the sequencing picture... Preethy Vaidyanathan gave an example of a movie studio advertising a summer blockbuster with a sequential display campaign.

The first exposure is to a video ad featuring the movie’s trailer. If the user watches the trailer, he will later be targeted with a direct-response ad calling him to purchase a ticket to the movie online. But if another user doesn’t watch the video at the first exposure, she’ll be targeted with the video again—on a different device, in hopes that reaching her in a different way will make a view more likely. If she still shows no interest in the video, she won’t be touched with that campaign again, whereas if she does watch, she’ll later be invited to purchase a ticket."

To view the full report, download it here from eMarketer.