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Therran Oliphant – Product Marketing, Data Business – @therran: Language is important. It provides the basis by which we are able to understand and come to consensus. Having this commonality in business and technology is important so that trust is built and communication and commerce flows smoothly.

In the cross-device “culture” we have our own set of words and phrases, plus those shared across the overall advertising technology ecosystem. However, there are some applications and understandings of those words that carry a slightly different meaning. Device unification isn’t another behavioral audience or location; it’s an intrinsic part of any platform that affects every aspect of the solution once integrated.

We like to say it’s the flour to your cake, not just another layer of frosting.

When Tapad integrates The Device Graph™ with a partner, there is an initial education phase; in some cases, this even involves re-education on thinking critically about complex issues specific to their set of IDs. Often, it starts with the verbiage and what it actually means.

To simplify this process, we created a Cross-Device Data (not so) Big Book of Terms to help everyone sing from the same hymnal, so to speak.In this book we tackle the confusion and misrepresentation of words like “accuracy” and “precision” and explain why “deterministic” cross-device data doesn’t actually exist.

There are other words that mean something slightly different in a cross-device context. For instance, we use a term like “amplification” with regard to “ad ID” volume gained by our partners when they integrate cross-device data. That amplification may be new IDs or screens that are associated to our partners’ IDs. Understanding that context is imperative to have some knowledge of what is gained when implementing cross-device data.

This highlights a benefit that is rarely discussed. Our partners often ask about increased scale. However, they’re also getting increased awareness about connected IDs contained in their platform.

It’s like learning that your significant other can cook after all these years. Why didn’t you know this before? Who cares? You get lasagna on Wednesdays!

So, when you’re thinking about integrating cross-device data and the benefits of doing so, you should be clear about what you hear as it may change the value of your overall solution.

We’re here to help you and hope you have all the information you need once you choose to go cross-device. 



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